Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Super Quick Bento

Hey, All!

Sorry for the lack of posting. Just haven't had much to post about lately. Things are going pretty slowly. I did get to make the kids a really quick bento today so I'll be sharing that. Not much else to report so I won't bore you with the uneventful.

Just some quick fried rice with veggies from leftover rice and veggies. Balanced it out with some berries, a few carrots and a sweet pepper each. Some Danimals Yogurt Shakes to chase it all down and I'm ready to chill with a some fried rice then the other half of daddy's bagel and cream cheese lol!

Adding a few accouterments  like fun cupcake rings and picks funs it up a bit. When you've got two tots hovering and hungry, you just throw it together and little things like this brighten up a little duller lunches in a jiff. So hope this inspired you!


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