Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easylunchboxes Gone Fishing!

Hey y'all!

So it was so nice and warm today! I'm loving Spring so far. Well I figured it was the perfect day to take the kids out on their FIRST fishing trip. Well, we'd taken Daughter fishing with us, but she was too little to actually do much more than just sit in the stroller. Anyway, a friend of ours (Uncly Ty we'll call him) let us go out on his pond and cast a few lines. He's always up for fishing. I figured, why not pack a lunch for the kids and make a little day of it. So here's what we took to the pond.

The kids have got little fishy jelly sammies with candy eyes. The picks in the mini marshmallows are supposed to represent fishing poles. I couldn't find any pull apart twizzlers to make the fishing line. Will have to stock up and hide them. They go fast in this house. Haha!

They also have baby carrots, sweet snap peas, strawberries and blackberries under the hats. Cucumber and grape tomatoes make this a very fresh lunch.

The kids had a lot of fun. Daddy wanted to give the kids the opportunity to actually catch some fish on their poles so they didn't really get to hold them. We just cast them out and waited. They didn't get much biting. They still enjoyed being out by the water and tossing dirt clots into the pond.

They were ready to catch a big one.

They could hear the cows in the distance. That was exciting for them. Haha!

The kids were very good, as young kids go when it comes to something new and exciting. They managed not to fall in the water or to get hooked. Uncle Ty didn't mind them coming close and watching him cast out.

Look at that cheesers! Bubba had an awesome time!

And as always, Daddy's the lucky one and catches the first and biggest fish of the day. A pretty decent sized bass. As tradition goes, you kiss the first catch of the day. 

So the kids get to kiss the first catch of the day. M was very pleased.

Daddy was pretty pleased with himself as well. The scruff ball.

After an hour or so of some more fishing and dirt throwing, the kids started getting antsy. As anticipated, because that's always a sign of hunger, the kids were ready for their lunch. We trotted to the car and had our picnic.

They were so ready for lunch.

Om NOM NOM!!! Mommy had to clean hands before they dug in, of course.

Snapped a couple nature shots while the kids ate. Tiny flowers in the grass. So Spring Timey

I thought the sky looked so lovely. You can see Daddy and Uncle Ty on the other side of the pond trying to catch enough fish to make for a decent supper.

After fueling up and hydrating, we were ready to go back for round two. Daddy and Uncle Ty never stopped fishing this whole time. The dedicated sportsmen! Uncle Ty only caught one more. So we decided to throw the two back and let them get bigger.

We don't always have to come home with tons of fish for our day's casting to be enjoyable. It's about being outside and enjoying the landscape. The kids enjoyed just interacting with nature and feeling the breeze and listening to cows. This was an experience for all the senses for them and that's what's important.

Getting dirty, learning about nature, and growing up with respect for all things is what it's about.

They won't remember not making a record catch, but they will remember how lovely and fun it was to just find a stick and toss a rock. And WE remember how much fun it was because of them. They'll remember the feel of a slippery fish on their lips, and the smell of a cow pasture, and the warmth of the sun. We'll remember how they taught us to love those things again.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a piece of this day. It was such a lovely time. Stay inspired, friends!



  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.. It's refreshing to read about families enjoying a day out fishing and little ones having fun.
    Da Mama

  2. Your lunches were a perfect fit for a day at the fishing hole. We take our kiddos on lots of fishing trips and often just hike on the trails.

    1. That's another little event I'd like to plan: a hike through the wildlife refuge. It's on our to-do list and you can bet bentos will be included ^_^


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