Saturday, April 19, 2014

Even MORE Mommy Mail!!!

Hi everybody!

Forgive my small posts! I'm posting from my phone atm and I don't really have much editing power. Anyway.... Take a look what surprised me yesterday! A box chock full of goodies from my Mommy Dearest! In it was Baby G's Cowboy outfit that I posted about before and clothes for myself and M. Annnnd.... Drumroll..... Filosupplies!!! Gaaaahhh! All the things! Yeah I could have cried! Enjoy the pics! Will edit soon with more deets on the images :)

(From the top left: Foam Stickers, Poster Cutouts, Post-it Sticky Tabs, Bible Themed Stickers, Avery Adhesive Note Tabs. Yay!)

(Stacks and Stacks of Memo Pads!)

(More and MORE Memo Pads plus Sticky Notes and Tabs)

(An assortment of Planners! Though, outdated, trust me... I'll be able to use them)

(Take a look at the page layouts! These will come in handy for sure! Better stock up on some correction tape, I think)

Well, there you have it, my Mommy Dearest does it again. She's always surprising me with explosions of awesomeness like this! My mom rocks sock, y'all! Anyway, be sure to check out my recent post for using these planners here and remember, stay inspired!


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