Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trying is trying

Hi, friends.

Just a post to vent so that I can pray and give it all to the Lord. I guess I'm just frustrated with people trying to push their issues at me and my family. It's not my lack of caring that makes me prone to distance, it's the great love for my family and desire for my own sanity that I try and stay as drama free as I can. I've already got my own neuroses and anxiety to deal with. I don't need anyone tring to force me into their problems.

I am praying for patience and peace. And the Lord has blessed me with high tolerance for ignorance. Now I can pray for forgiveness for my short temper and for my angry thoughts. I also ask the Lord to bless the other party for He knows their heart and it is He who ultimately judges them.

Amen. Stay inspired, friends.

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