Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bento-A-Day Easter Edition: Day 3 PLUS BentoUSA Easter Contest Link!

Hi, friends!

I'm still keeping up with my Bento-a-day plan! Woohoo! Had to do a little extra thinking on these considering I was doing the designing on the fly. M's was by request and I had to use my ingenuity to get it done. But we were all pleased with the outcome. Considering that most of my Easter themed bentos have been bunny-esque in nature, I went with chicks this time.

Here's Bubba's lunch. FYI, this is a savory sammie! Remember that T has recently developed the taste for sandwiches, but it was only the jelly ones? Well I tried him on a fat free turkey and cheese one! He only ate the filling and the top... but it was a start! He did very well with everything else.

Oh and I got Mommy Happy Mail today and that included these happy little sour marshmallow chicks you see! Aren't they too adorable???

This bento cracks me up. M asked for an Easter Egg bento so this is what I came up with. I didn't have a larger Egg/oval shaped cutter and I wanted to give her just the one sandwich. So this is where I got clever, if I do say so myself. Remember the recent Easylunchboxes Gone Fishing post? And remember the fish sandwiches the kids took fishing? Well that chick was cut with the fish cutter! I just turned it on it's side! And the egg shell is a MOON man I got in a Halloween cutter set I got from Goodwill during my trip to see my folks! I just flipped that on it's side too! See, its all a matter of perspective ^_^

I had a lot of fun with these, as I already mentioned. Oh and my favorite bento site, All Things For Sale, is holding an Easter contest. I just found out that you can submit more than one bento picture... So I've been hastily submitting all these Easter themed bento pics to their contest. 

You can all vote for me there. Just check out their facebook or click here for details at Easter Contest Voting. You can vote once a day. You can also submit your own there or via Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #BentoUSAEaster. You may submit multiple pictures as long as each are of your own original and different work. No multiple submissions of the same thing. There are other rules that you can read up on.

So go ahead and enter if you've got some lunches to share! Stay inspired!!!



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