Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tiny Things that Overflow the Heart

Hi there!

So I've been reflecting on a couple of things the past weekend. I thought I'd share. I wonder how many other parents feel these things. Last week, hubs and I came home late from a day in town running errands. The kids got to stay home with Grandma. This is routine except for the lateness. I was rushing around trying to get things put up and start dinner. While I was doing some washing up and dashing back and forth from the fridge to the sink to the stove, Daughter walks into the kitchen and says, "You doing a really good job, mommy." I had to stop a second and blink away the swell of tears that flooded my eyes. Not safe next to a hot stove either btw.

I can't be the only mommy/ parent/ grandparent/ legal guardian who sometimes feels a little run down, unmotivated, rushed, and/or unappreciated. And I know that it's hard to get a little praise or acknowledgment out of the family. But we still do the things we do because it's not about us, it's about the family and our love for them. At the same time, whenever I get tiny little pieces of just how much my tiny babies appreciate and know about all that love I put into caring for them, well darn it, it makes everything worth it, doesn't it??? I mean I'm still on cloud 9 from it! It's still fueling me into a new week.

I need to treasure these little blessings while I can. I know that in maybe a decade, I won't get them for another decade. I mean, it's unfortunate, but I know I went through that phase of eye-rolling and door-slamming with my folks. And I would take it all back now because my lovely parents are such awesome, loving, and caring people. The Lord broke the mold when he designed them and I can only thank Him for giving me such perfect teachers. I will spend the rest of my life making up for all the tantrums and huffy back talk I shamefully displayed when I was a teen. And my daughter is a lot like me.

So I will lock this in the back of my memory, and hopefully preserve it here forever. It will get me through rainy days, and some sunny ones too. Do any of you have moments like this saved and back stocked for the future? I'd love to hear them.

Stay inspire, all!


  1. So sweet and I know how you feel. I told my son yesterday to always let me kiss him and that a boy needed his mama and should always love her. He nodded. I know he understands. He hugs me every night and that is special because he is 9 and boys don't always remember.

    1. Awe! That is too sweet! My daughter is always telling me she loves me. I know that won't last. And my son, who's younger and still speaking in mostly baby talk, will climb into my lap and attack me with kisses. I like to lock it all up and "save it" because I know how fleeting these moments are. I encourage tenderness and love with both my kids. And I can only hope that it sticks with them for a long time. Even through their teens and after when they're forming new friendships and relationships.

    2. My oldest is sixteen and she tells me she loves me when she leaves for school or after we talk on the phone. The teen years have rough spots but they aren't so bad. I don't know what the future holds for my 10 year old and my 9 year old twins. Hope it goes as good as it has this time.

    3. That's so sweet. As I look back, I know I should have shown my mom more appreciation for everything she did when I was a teen. I'm sure I told her I loved her often. But I do find that these days, I have a very different view on things and a very high respect for her. I find myself repeating things she used to tell me when I was younger. And I think that's just normal of every mom. My kids are under 4 so they depend on my for everything. I know I'm going to miss that when they get older. So I cherish what I can now.


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