Saturday, April 5, 2014

Character Themed Bento

Hi, Everyone!
Here I am, updating again. I decided to categorize some of my lunches so that they were a bit more specific. I hope these give you some ideas for your own lunches. Again, I've gone with a Slideshow approach as it just makes it easier and takes up less space. Less scrolling for us all, you know.


 Feel free to ask me about any one bento or how I went about any parts of them. I think most of the food prep is pretty straight forward as I try to keep things simple for my kids right now. I'm still catching up. I apologize for so many catch up posts. Once I've caught up, I'll be posting more recent and relevant pics. Stay tuned for the Holiday Themes soon to come, though. Those contain my Spring/ Easter bentos so far.
Ok time to keep working. Hope you were inspired!

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