Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Catching Up and RAKs

Hey, Everyone!

So sorry for the silence and the chaos the last couple of days. Easter was a crazy adventure! So now I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. Let's see, what's been going on?

Well Easter Sunday I was up at 7 to start on making quiche for the first time in my life! They actually came out pretty well and they were delicious! I can thank Pinterest, yet again, for helping me provide a top meal. Haha! That didn't stop Daddy from grilling some very tasty BBQ chicken. I also made our famous Macaroni Salad and Potato Salad. The kids got their baskets, which they loved because this awesome mommy know's what they like. And I was back to preparing for the day that was still up in the air. I got dolled up, got the kids dressed, and made hubs put on a decent shirt, and we had a photoshoot outside in between torrents of rain.

Because the weather was so crazy (Tornado Watch), we missed out on the Church's annual Egg Hunt. Sad face. But we did go to the park down the road and the kids had a lot of fun hiding the ones we colored and assembled. The park was empty so we had the whole playground at our disposal! Fun times! After that, we had dinner, the kids chased bubbles in the yard, we watched the weather for Tornados, and just relaxed as a family. It was a pretty successful day, I should say. Grandma and I got our little Lord refresher (since we missed service) watching a local Church Production on TV while I cooked, cleaned, and prepared. After all, He's with us always and I worship him with my heart always.

So that was Easter. I was so proud of myself for doing Bento-A-Day! Took the last couple of days off from that, mainly because we had so much food left over, the kids had no trouble just polishing off the grilled food and I was happy with leftover quiche! It seems I needed an extra day to recover from the holiday because I have been feeling overly fatigued. So I took some time to sleep in a little longer, sit a little longer, and just veg a little longer. Hey, I'm with child. I'll take what I can when I can with this bump and the 2 kiddos!

But as you may already have guessed, my brain doesn't really ever stop so I have been up to something quite new: RAKs. If you don't know, it stands for Random Acts of Kindness. I haven't joined a huge organization or a campaign or what evs. I won't be preaching to you about giving to thine neighbor. I just discovered a few groups in FB who like to share things. So far, just in a couple planner and stationery related groups but I'm sooooo excited to be participating! This planner addiction has led me to something so wholesome and enriching! All you do is send small gifts to people in the group that relates to the group subject matter. It's that simple. You might get things too! I haven't sent out anything just yet. But I do have things ready to go out. I can't wait!

My RAK stacks. Like my filing systerm? lol! These are all Project Life/ Scrap Book related fyi.

Well that's the last couple of days, in a nutshell. Hope you were inspired!


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