Friday, April 11, 2014

My Planner Pages: This Week, Next Week, and Some Fun Finds! PLUS a little FiloHack

Hi there!

If you don't already know, I got my planner this week. I got it in the middle of the week, so my first shot at planning pages I'm using as a kind of practice run. So I got to start with Thursday. That was actually the only day this week that had specific dates and times to really focus on. But There's still time to add more.

I took this pic during the car ride to the Dr. What looks like stains or dark marks, is just shadows from the windshield. Sorry about that. It's pretty simple because I did this right before I had to take off for my 32 week OB appointment.

Anyway, I did finish next week's pages. I sorted through all my stickers and my modest collection of washi tapes last night. I was able to section things off and so when it came down to working on the week of Easter, I had everything pretty much organized. That doesn't mean that it wasn't work. But it was very engaging and just the kind of thing I've been needing.

I very much enjoyed working on this week's pages. I just wish I didn't have to do so in semi-darkness. Hence, the flash. You can see the use of the lovely Easter stickers and stamps I mentioned in Let the FAUXlofaxing Begin. Even added a custom bookmark.

Flipping the bookmark over, you can see the rest of the week. This was so much fun to do. I'm so glad I've got this to keep me occupied on my "downtime" when the kids are sleeping. LOL! 

I had to go back and rework this week because I didn't get everything done that I wanted to and I discovered there are more things to do than I knew about. But that's a beauty of keeping a planner, it's there to be modified, altered, and changed.

So I went ahead and added this Key/ Pocket. As you can see, I just took a sheet from the long notepad my Mommy Dearest sent me (Can be seen here At Last! My Planner is Here), I washi taped it on the sides, and punched it. 

The arched top works so well as a kind of tab so I can find it, and it works as a nice pocket for storing other things. I made a list of our Bills still due on a sticky note and slapped it on there. You can see a Staples coupon in the pocket already. I'd like to use it before it expires so it's right in front of this week. 

Last, but not least, I'd like to share the nice mini haul I acquired while in the Clearance section at Walmart. Scotch brand anything can get kinda pricey so when I saw these in the bins, I snatched them up. 

We've got two 3pc Scotch Expressions tapes. I loved the colors and only got the two. They weren't as marked down as I would have liked at $4 each, but I do think it's better than regular retail price. Also got a nice roll of Scotch Expressions masking tape. It's not quite glittery, but it's got a slight shimmer. That I only paid $1. And of course you can see the adorable cupcake stickers. Those were $.25 and they're textured and glittery. I couldn't say no.

I didn't really think I'd display this much ingenuity when I decided to take up this hobby. But I'm surprising myself left and right. I hope I gave you some good ideas for your own planner/calendars/scrapbook or whatever! This is a sort of therapy for me. I love creating things but I don't find myself too particularly creative. This is really up there with my Bento obsession. Haha!

I guess I'll leave it at that, folks. Stay inspired!

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