Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Birthday Week

I recently got a lovely birthday rak from a very lovely lady in one of my Facebook groups. Do I decided to use the goodies she sent. Because many of my days aren't very occupied, this was another week I got to decorate heavily! I love my washi and stickers! Hehe!

I used the card she made me in between the pages and attached extra tabs for later. Also used her envelope to store the leftover goodies just in case I needed more color coding and such. Some more of those gradation memo sheets like the ones I used last week for added writing and reminders! Added a homemade paint search page marker and viola!

As you can see, my birthday us coming up as well as my son's and my due date! So much to celebrate! Yay!

Memorial Day Bentos

Simple and significant. I'll keep it short since I'm using my phone. But here's a look at what the kids had yesterday.

Mexican Blend Quesadilla flags, homemade Mexican Rice, Black Beans, a Sweet Pepper, and Jello.

A tribute and thank you to ask the men and women who gave and give their lives to ensuring we can even make these meals for our children. You are remembered and we are grateful.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Planner Pages, Thus Far

Hey Everyone!

Yes I know I've been MIA the last few WEEKS. I'm SOOO sorry! I've been working on my Etsy shop a lot and getting that going along with regular Full-Time mommy duties has taken up the majority of my time. I should also report that there is no baby yet! This one looks like he's in for the long haul like his older siblings were. But I do have about a week left so we'll see.

I think I'll take this time to post my planner pages here and then my bentos on another. So here's what we've got so far. I am working on Next week's pages but they're not finished yet. Those will be posted soon. I'm excited to do so, as next week is my BIRTHDAY week! As well as my Son's (new baby is due on his birthday!) So very important week next week ^_^

I fell in LOVE with my planner pages 2 weeks ago.
I'm actually vey much in love with the Shabby Chic look and this Color Scheme has been my fave for a bit now. I week ended up filling out a little more and I left room for that. Those tabs on the days are there to add any extra tones. Aren't they GORGEOUS! My Mommy Dearest sent these to me for my shop but I couldn't help using some for myself >_<

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Hey, Everyone!

There have been a few small postable events I'd like to share with y'all. But my internet is down and I bam loath to use my phone if I can help it to make a decently lengthened post. So I do apologize for the delay. I'm hoping to resume regular posts very soon.

With that said, I loom forward to adding a few FiloHACKs as well as announce the opening of my small Etsy store, once I get it up and running. Stay tuned, friends! And stay inspired!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

This Week's Planner Pages: Minnie Mouse

Hi there, Everyone!

I almost forgot to post this pic. I recently got a shipment in of new washi tapes. I had already decorated this week but was feeling a little disappointed in it. I went back and used a little of my new washi, some more stickers, and a Project Life journaling card I got from a lovely friend in one of my facebook RAK groups. I was much happier with the result this time around.