Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baby Things

Hey All!

Not much to report tonight. I think I'm pretty much caught up with all my posts. Was having a bleh kind of day today. So it was kinda of easy going. Hubs made dinner tonight so that took a little of the load off. I did help him start the enrollment process for school. He's already graduated his vocational classes and is moving on to his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering!!! Woohoo!!! I'm actually very proud of him for working so hard.

Additionally, the new addition to the family is getting closer and closer to arrival. According to the What to Expect When You're Expecting Android App, I'm 32 weeks and 1 day into the pregnancy. 7 more weeks and some days to go. That's actually not that far off. So my mommy dearest has been working on Baby G's first picture outfit.

This is part of the 3 piece outfit done so far. She posted this pic for me. I can't wait til she sends the finished product. The post office lady knows us as The Family that Gets All the Boxes. Haha!
My mommy did confide in me that my planner is in transit as we speak. Unfortunately I'll probably have to wait til Monday or later to get it. SNAIL MAIL!!!! Grrr. Oh well, I'll just think happily of all the pretty things I'll be filling it with. She hinted that she's also sending some of those pretty things. But loving to surprise me and knowing how I love surprises, she has not disclosed much more info. Sorry to my readers LOL! But don't you love being surprised too???
Anyway, I love the little vest and I know it's going to be oh so cute when I put Baby G in his outfit and take the first few snaps. FYI, I might convince my mommy dearest to create some awesome little things for y'all too if there is enough demand for it. She made a turtle outfit for my first son (the second oldest) when he was born.
I know, right????
I am far from that talented with a crochet hook. But my mommy is a wiz!!! So say pretty please!!! I've been trying to get her to open up her own Etsy shop!!! I mean, c'mon!!! Don't even get me started on the blankets!

Too late. I mean look at that!!! And that wasn't even done for one of my kids! I'll have to share the blanket that she made for Daughter once I can snap a pic of it. She'll be working on one for Bubba after she gets done with Baby G's outfit. But she custom makes all of these things for friends and family! I dunno, I just think she should capitalize on her talent a little. But she says the same about me. I just don't think I'm THIS talented. Haha!
Well, that's gonna be it for now, friends. Hope you enjoyed the little update. And as always, stay inspired!

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