Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lovely Sushi and Tofu Bento

Hi again!
I thought I'd post this set of pics separate from the other older ones just because I love this bento so much. I happen to adore this bento box and rarely find use for it. It's actually a salad container but I absolutely love the inner compartment that's supposed to be for salad dressing. It comes with it's own lid that snuggly secures liquidy things apart from the rest of the box to keep things crisp and not-soggy.

As you can see, I didn't use it for salad. Here I've got some nice sushi cubes just lightly seasoned with bonito flakes. There's also some fish cake, pink pickled daikon radish, a mochi cake, cucumber slices, and a couple of sweet snap peas. Inside the circular compartment is a piece of cold tofu cake in soy sauce sprinkled with bonito flakes and slivers of nori. I love the colors of this bento so much. It was very tasty and fresh. I believe the mochi cake was melon flavored. I have no idea where this box came from. My mom sent it to me a while back and I believe she got it from a dollar store or the 99 Cents Only Store. Either way, I love it. Hope this made you hungry.
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