Thursday, April 24, 2014

This Week's Pages and Some New Decorations

Hi, Everyone!

Just sharing some of my planner dec. As you can see, I went Hello Kitty on this week. Not much to do, I always end up with a pile of things at the end of each week. I do have an OB appointment tomorrow/ today so I'll be in town running the errands after that. We live too far from everything. I added a little Earthy inspirational card from my old stock of scrapbooking pages for Earth Day. My creative fingers have been itching to jump ahead to the week after next. But I'm keeping myself from it so I have something to do next week haha!

I've got to learn to simplify with these tiny pages. Part of the reason  why I want to invest in a Filofax of my own is because I want to choose a slightly larger one. I don't write tiny so these small pages confine my writing. And I think I clutter up my pages too much with and loose writing space. Hopefully the pages I made in my DIY Planner Refills post will provide more writing space, as the pages are a bit wider, if you can see from the pic.

I also went ahead and added some embellishments to my DIY Dividers

These are just Wall Decals from Dollar Tree. I originally got them for my daughter for her dollhouse, but I purchased 2 sets. I went ahead and used the ones that fit and added some stickers to accent them a little.

As you may have noticed by now, I love Dollar Tree. But just look how chic they have made my dividers look! You can find these in the hardware section, I think. Not with the stickers. They're a much heavier weight of sticker and they come off pretty cleanly if you need to remove them, being wall stickers and all. They cam with awesome frame designes around them, but those were too big for my dividers. But they might work in larger planners. I'm working with a Pocket size or 3.75" x 6.75" format.

Anyway, stay inspired, my friends!


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