Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mini FiloHaul PLUS a quick DIY Idea

Hey, Everyone!

I decided to take a little break last night from the blog as I was very tired and actually got sleepy hours before I normally do. I still managed some pics of my mini haul from our day in town. But I didn't quite feel up to posting. As you may have read in my last post, Bento-A-Day Easter Edition Day 1 and 2, M had a doctor's appointment and I had packed a bento for her and everything as we'd be in town a few hours. The day went very nicely, I even got to pick up the last of the kids' Easter basket fillers! I'll share pics of that too, I think. Well I also picked out a few things to add to my ever growing stationery stash for my little Day Runner.

Walmart has a lovely selection of scrap booking supplies. You can find much of it for less than $1. I got these washi tapes for that. The stamp set was almost $2 I think. The tiny cat puff sticker set I found in party supplies for about $.97. And that's what I got the Easter foam stickers for as well. Those, of course, were in the Easter section. And the pain chip samples are always free. I grabbed a few in colors I thought would compliment the running theme of my planner.

I'd seen this idea on Pinterest so I went for it. Using the mini ruler/ bookmark that came with my planner, I measured, cut out, and punched the color strip. I added a heart hole for cuteness.

And now it's a new addition to my planner! It's a great bookmark and gives the whole thing some more contrast. I love pairing green with just about any color!!!

As you can see, even though I took a break from my blogging for a night, I still worked on my planner. You know how it is when you've got new things that you just have to try! Anyway, I went a step further and worked a bit on the next couple weeks worth of pages. I'll add those to a separate post in a sec. Just thought I'd end this one with a peek at what's in store for the kiddos this Sunday!

Can barely tell what's all in there, but I'm very excited for them to get these. Stuffed and wrapped them myself. I hope they like them. There's a good chance that it'll be raining Easter Sunday so at least the tots will be able to enjoy a few new things indoors. 

Hope you all have a great night. And, as always, stay inspired!!!


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