Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Project Planning Notebook

Hey all!
Been meaning to post this a while ago! So I needed a project planning journal/ notebook/ planner. I thought of using another binder style planner. I even considered an ARC system. But nothing was really settling well with me. I was actually getting quite depressed over it. I had used a composition book for a while before but that wasn't working for me. Not sure why. Maybe because it was ruled?  Who knows.
Well Sam from the shop Happie Scrappie on Big Cartel recently released a fauxdori planner kit. I've been a Personal size subscriber for a few months now and always enjoy her kits! And she has started designing her own printed items! Note pads, stickers, and even Filofax style and fauxdori inserts! Sweet, huh? I upgraded from the Personal to the fauxdori kits because I wanted to try the inserts out. At the time, I didn't have a regular size Traveler's Notebook but I knew I could make due.
I had recently turned a journal cover into a TN and tried using that. It wasn't bad and held the Happiescrappie insert and a couple others I made myself. I don't have a pic right now but I'll do another post on that later. I'm not using it anymore.
The reason for it is because I received a gorgeous, gently used Midori from a lovely friend! She also sent me a Day Timer Malibu. Again, another post. Anyway, the Midori is now my project planner/ brainstorming journal! Yay!
The Happiescrappie inserts are fabulous! The papet quality is amazing and I'm just so happy! Ok now for pics! Enjoy!
Stay inspired!
Aggy ^_^
Also features here are the Plan It set of Studio L2e Stamps. ^_^

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Freebie - Retail Therapy Printable!!!

Ok so I won't spend a lot of time explaining this. Just thought I'd share! Here is a download that you can print yourself! Ever need to just shop? Or just mark when you have shopped? Then you thought, "Hmmmm.... I wish I had a sticker for that one...." Well here ya go! Here's a few of the shops that I visit regularly (online and otherwise). You'll be able to download both a pdf file and a Silhouette Cutfile. Enjoy, all!

Stay Inspired!
Aggy ^_^

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Planner Setup: How I'm currently using my planners, binders, and journals.

Hi, Pretty People!

As promised, and without further ado, here's my Planner Setup post! There are loads of pics so have fun! I'll try to keep the descriptions short, yet clear. Just bask in all the planner/ stationery goodness!

Let's Start with my "at Home" Planner which is my Erin Condren Life Planner. I actually got this planner as a swap, believe it or not. It came brand new and I'm soooo in love with it. And y'all know how much of a binder planner lover I am. This planner stays at home. It is also where I've been doing the bulk of my decorating. As you can see, there is a lot to have fun with in this planner. Anyway, pics!

I made this chevron cover from a gift bag, but I'm still looking for a better design.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Hi, Lovelies!

Ughhhhh!!!! Yeah I know, it's too long between posts! Can you believe I was sick for over 2 WEEKS last month??? Yeah I came down with some really gnarly Strep Throat. Gross. Anyway, now that that's all finished, it's been a chore and a half trying to get back in the spin of things. But, as you all know, being a mommy means ZERO vacations!!!

The shop has been slow. You can show your fiscal support here Haha! I did finally get my March Kawaii Planner Kits for March shipped! I'm so excited to be doing monthly subscription kits! I love personalizing and putting together planner bundles! You can subscribe for your kits starting this month (April) here.

Here's a peak at what's in store for April's Kawaii Planner Kits! All subscribers get added handmade and personalized goodies along with added perks like additional Instagram giveaway entries, and exclusive subscriber raffle entries.

What's new? Well my Dark Mint Planners from Kikki.k came in! I'm soooo in love with them!

You can say that I'm a Kikki.k fan. I love the designs and the ring size! The Large is my first A5 in the Kikki.k and I'm just so enamored with it! To answer your question, I am using the Large as my blog planner and the Medium as my "purse" planner. I'll post a more in-depth set-up post at a later time. I'm still perfecting my systerm since I use multiple planners for various things.

But just for fun, here's a little flip through of my Large Dark Mint ^_^

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Struggle!

Baby, Blog, and Breathe


So it's been ages since I wrote an actual blog post and I do apologize. Between raising the 3 little ones, maintaining an online shop, and trying to stay alive while doing it all, it's pretty hard to find time to try and just type a few paragraphs! I dunno how y'all super moms do it! Let's just hope things ease up a little when M starts school this year. *knock on wood*

So let's see what all I've NOT been doing first. Well Blogging is a given. I've also not been doing daily Bentos for the kids. They eat, trust me, they just don't get the cute stuff as often. I dropped the ball there. I've also not been doing much Doll Crafts. I'd really love to, I just don't 1) have the space since my brother-in-law moved back in and 2) have time since I'm constantly juggling with the kids and my shop. One other thing I've been neglecting is my kids' scrapbooks! I have been dreaming of starting to do Project Life style Scrapbooking but time and space is a big factor in my lack of motivation.

BUUUUT I have accomplished some things in the time that I've been dormant on the blog. One very important feat is keeping the children ALIVE!!! Am I right? Hey it's not as easy as you think when you've got 3 kids under 5 bent and determined to try the opposite!!! Climbing on, grabbing, and jumping off of things!!! And for those of you veteran moms out there who have battled this and come out on top with your own (mostly intact) youngins, KUDOSSSS!!!! I think mine would love for my hair to turn grey before I'm 30.

Some smaller, less impressive accomplishments have been: Reaching over 2k in followers on Instagram @theinsmomniac, upgrading my collection of planners, tiny success of my shop, meeting tons of lovely people online, gaining several penpals. I think each of those deserve their own blog posts so I'll jot the list down so I can remember to post about each subject. For now, please feel free to leave me any feedback. I'd love to hear any suggestions for posts.

Blogging GOALS:
- Start YouTube Posts
- Post More Bento Pics
- Write more Refection Posts
- Start posting tutorials

I'm hoping to post another update tomorrow so stay tuned! Stay inspired, y'all!

<3 Aggy

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Birthday Week

I recently got a lovely birthday rak from a very lovely lady in one of my Facebook groups. Do I decided to use the goodies she sent. Because many of my days aren't very occupied, this was another week I got to decorate heavily! I love my washi and stickers! Hehe!

I used the card she made me in between the pages and attached extra tabs for later. Also used her envelope to store the leftover goodies just in case I needed more color coding and such. Some more of those gradation memo sheets like the ones I used last week for added writing and reminders! Added a homemade paint search page marker and viola!

As you can see, my birthday us coming up as well as my son's and my due date! So much to celebrate! Yay!

Memorial Day Bentos

Simple and significant. I'll keep it short since I'm using my phone. But here's a look at what the kids had yesterday.

Mexican Blend Quesadilla flags, homemade Mexican Rice, Black Beans, a Sweet Pepper, and Jello.

A tribute and thank you to ask the men and women who gave and give their lives to ensuring we can even make these meals for our children. You are remembered and we are grateful.