Sunday, September 1, 2013

How about just a pic gallery post?

So... Going through all my posts, I realized... I've really... REALLY fallen behind. So, I decided to just catch y'all up in one big picture post. Feel free to ask questions about any lunch since I won't be posting any descriptions... Sorry. Yeah I'm really that lazy right now.
Anyway! Enjoy and stay inspired! Be posting soon!

These Little Piggies

K, so these, I have to say, were inspired by a new, and very creative friend of mine on Instagram. She doesn't blog just yet, but I do adore seeing the meals she posts on her profile! My kids like them too!
T actually picked this theme out from seeing her pics and was very excited when I asked him if he'd like a lunch like that. M appreciated his choice as well! This is another jam sandwich bento, btw.
I used the CuteZcute cutter set for M's, but used a circular cookie cutter for T's; as he's still eating smaller bites (not necessarily eating less, however). This is where I derived inspiration from my friend. The piggy snouts and ears were done with hot dog just like hers' were.
Underneath the pink silicone piggy cup in M's box is a surprise of gummy and marshmallow flowers. T has the same surprise in the pink plastic piggy.
I'm loving the hat accessories from BentoUSA! And I noticed that the little ball caps have Ts on them! It's a completely unintended but serendipitous phenomenon! I'm happy with it! Lol!
I admit, this is quite a lot of food for the kids. I do usually fix more than less because I want them to try things at least once. I'm lucky that my kids love veggies so I don't worry much about that. I want them to learn to explore different flavors and to find good as exciting as I do! An adventure on a plate, right? Or in a box...
Anyhow... Hope you're hungry now and, as always, inspired! Be posting soon!
Aggy ^_^

Elephant Themed Bento

Just as it says, Elephants. Lots of elephants. Not much more to say about these. I made them a week ago. I'd forgotten to add the hot dog flowers. But I managed a snap of M's after I added them. And, you can see, she'd already removed the adornment to later stash in her desk... Kids huh?
Well, hope you were inspired! Be posting soon!

Tiny Faces Bento Lunches

I know. I know! I've been idle for a bit. Just haven't found the motivation to do much posting outside of Instagram Lol! Can follow me there btw: @crimsonpixi . We've been in the process of potty training M. So that's taken most my focus. We're making quite a bit of progress, if you'd like to know. Hope I didn't put you off your interest in these bentos... Sorry. Haha!
Back to bento! I did these the other day. Earlier in the week, I discovered that M prefers her sandwiches sweet over savory. And she especially prefers the drier, brown wheat bread with jam. So, the last couple of bentos that I've made for the kids have been featuring jam sandwiches. T still has not wrapped his head around the sandwich concept. I'm not too worried as it took M a while too.
Insistently, T isn't feeling well. He's got a little head cold. My kids always get sick on the weekend. But, we've got a check-up scheduled for both kids during the week so if he hasn't kicked this funk by then, he'll get seen soon.
I digress again. So here's the food, what you came for. We've got happy faces. I get most my ideas from Pinterest so that's where I leave my credit for this one. Took bits and pieces from other bento to bring these together. I'm quite proud of them.
More bento from last month to come. And I do apologize for the long delay. Hope you're still hungry and inspired! Be posting soon!
Aggy ^_^

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ramen Robots

Here's a very simple lunch for the little ones. Maemae had been going on and on about robots so I embellished some instant ramen for them both and was pleased with the effect. M even loved her "girl robot" pick, as she called it.
T devoured his "boy robot" in record time. But M always has more important things on her mind. So when Aunty called inviting us over for a play day and dinner, I just popped the lid on her Easylunchbox and we were off with something to tithe her over til dinner was done. I love my Easylunchboxes!
There we are! A post on Mommy's spruced up ramen to come along with others I've been procrastinating on. Hope you were inspired! Be posting soon!

CuteZcute Uncrustable!

So I actually own a panda sandwich pocket maker. I won it in a giveaway last year. Unfortunately, it got left in California along with many other of my bento items, when I went to visit my family. So now I've got to make due without it for a while until mommy can send some more of my forgotten things over.
Anyway, here's a how-to for making your own crust-less pocket sandwich using your CuteZcute cutter. Hope it works out!
Stay inspired! Be posting soon!

Shark Week Lunch: Round 2

So I mentioned in an earlier post that it was shark week and that I was not talented enough to fashion a shark for bento... Well.... Challenge accepted. Challenge completed. Boom!
Haha! Well enjoy! Get inspired! Be posting soon!

Chicken Salad Pita Bento

I love making this! Canned chicken, mayo, apples, dried cranberries. Boom! That's it. So yummy! Can also be made with fresh shredded chicken, of course. It's way tastier. But canned is what I had at the time.
Actually made this for my mother-in-law for lunch for work. She hadn't had time to eat and was running late so Easylunchboxes to the rescue! My sister-in-law and I finished off the rest. It was so yummy!
Sad story, though. Turns out mom didn't get a break to eat anything and she forgot to put it in the fridge. :( So I felt badly for eating the rest as she's in love with my salads. Le sigh... Next time, mom. I promise!
Anyway, hope you try it out and get to enjoy it! Stay inspired! Be posting soon!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Catching Up: Taco Lunches

Made these the other day in our Easylunchboxes. We had had crunchy tacos for dinner the night before so here's a spruced up leftovers bento for y'all.
While the kids get their taco toppings separately, Mommy's got a delectable taco salad. And nothing like homemade CuteZcute tortilla chips to add some fun to a rich meal. I love my extra crispy panda too! The color makes him so cute! I've even got crunchy Tiny Bits (the small punched out parts left by the CuteZcute cutters) tossed into my salad to give it a yummy crunch. Oh I recommend this so much!
Hope you're hungry now AND inspired! Be posting again soon!

Spaghetti and Meatballs Bento

Just like it says, we've got spaghetti and meatballs. This lunch took longer than necessary only because I had almost zero inspiration prior to making it and I was working with limited resources. But I hope it gives you some ideas.
T's bento was embellished with a mozzarella cheese ship and clouds, while M's is sporting some cheese fish. It's shark week and I'm lacking in shark themed accessories but I kept the Sea theme so it wasn't a complete failure. I'm no where talented enough to fashion my own shark yet. That doesn't mean I won't try. Haha!
Well there you are! Hope you were inspired! Be posting soon!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blue Cheese Wedge Salad Bento

So easy and refreshing! A couple of tips: 1) if you pack this for later, make sure you've got a knife to help cut up wedge. 2) you might want some extra dressing. All-in-all this was a very yummy lunch. It was also quick to assemble. Told you I love my Easylunchboxes!

Fresh and Quick Bento Lunch

Another example of me using my Easylunchboxes for serving at home. T-dog (my son) has come to prefer his meals in them Haha!
So here we have the kids' lunches. They've been all about the multi grain cheerios so I went ahead and included some of those. This lunch went pretty well. T was very excited to get to his Easylunchbox. M kept trying to sneak and steal cheerios.
FYI, I love using sprinkles on yogurt. They help to add color to the blander looking foods like yogurt, bananas, and oatmeal. I've seen them added to pb&j too. Additionally, multi grain cheerios tastes amazing with strawberry yogurt. Maybe I'll try a yummy parfait next time.
So hope you were inspired! Be posting soon!

Christmas in July

Still going retro so here are a couple of bento I did for the holiday season. I'm especially in love with my Christmas tree and Santa. But the Hello Kitty also holds a special place in my heart. I have done more Hello Kitty bento but this was my first.
Hope I inspired you or at least made you hungry Lol! Happy Holidays Haha!

Chicken Pasta Salad Bento

Here's one of my more recent and "prettier" bento. It's in a larger container that my mom had sent to me in the mail. I have no idea where she got it from but I love it for it's capacity.
This was a very easy and yummy bento and utilized some of my favorite tools. The panda picks I actually won in a giveaway from
If you are ever at a loss for what to make for your bento, pasta salad is a wonderfully filling filling Haha! Make it any way you like it then add yummy extras like fruit, fresh veggies, trail mix, or anything else! Here, I made my own actually with yogurt covered raisins, dried cranberries, and, pecans. Very yummy and gives you a great energy boost!
That green thing in the back is blanched spinach seasoned and drizzled with soy sauce and rolled into a ball/ cylinder. Homemade pick in it made from washi tape and a bamboo toothpick.
Hope you were inspired! Be posting soon!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today's Lunch: Chicken Fajita Wrap

I told you, you'd see more posts of my Easylunchboxes! Haha!
Here, we've got a JalapeƱo cheddar tortilla that I laid out, spread with Greek yogurt, and sprinkled with a little salt and pepper. Then I proceeded to evenly layer some Mexican blend shredded cheese over the yogurt. Over that, I neatly arranged fresh spinach leaves so uh at they covered the cheese completely.
And right down the center, I lined up my chicken fajitas. They're out a package and fully cooked (sorry for those of you who only go organic and stuff). I'm sure this is amazing with homemade as well. I do make homemade fajitas BTW. That's for another post.
Anyway, after the chicken, it's fold, tuck, fold, then slice. I think I'll elaborate on that in another post as well.... Haha! Oh the posts to be had!
So with that you can see some snap peas, a baby bell, some blueberries under a couple of strawberries. Under the wrap is a paper cupcake liner that I spread out for added color. It also works to absorb grease if there is any.
This was a very yummy lunch and frankly my son seemed a wee bit jealous. He and his sister pretty much had a simplified version of this PLUS and added mini cinnamon roll! Go figure. Daughter came and stole my blueberries anyway... Le sigh.
Well hope you were inspired! Be posting soon!

Fairly Recent Bento

I don't just bento for going out. I usually just prepare a cute lunch for my kids at home for being home. My daughter gets so excited when she sees me at work, and often sneakily steals some stray morsel that I've left unwatched for 3 seconds. I don't mind such attention as it builds her anticipation for her food and she's usually so excited by the time I serve her, that she's shouting, "Woohoo! Food! Thank you! Thank you, Mommy!" I'll beg for this kind of adulation in about 10 years so I bask in it Haha!
Anyway so here we are. Our lunches. They're packed in Easylunchboxes containers. These particular boxes were purchased from All things for  They can also be bought directly from the company website, or from Amazon. I have to say that they are my favorite bento containers right now. Very handy. Other posts will show my love for them.
Anyhoo, hope you get some inspiration! At least, I hope you're hungry Haha! Be posting soon!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flashback Bento #2

One of my firsts. I love looking back to see how I've progressed. The fried things are battered and fried fish cake. I remember this being so tasty! Hope you first-timers find some inspiration and maybe some consolation (at least yours is prettier than this... Bleh! Lol) Any questions, ask!
Be posting soon!

Another Awesome Giveaway

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Lots of coupons, and organic products to be had! Check out the post and the rest of the blog! Good luck!

Bento Monsters Giveaway - Trudeau Gear

Bento, Monsters: Trudeau Fuel Giveaway

I entered this Giveaway this morning. Been waiting for it and now it's here! Yay! Go ahead and pop in and enter and browse around her blog! She's got the most adorable little bento ever!!! ^_^

Monday, July 22, 2013

My very first bento

Yeah it's not the prettiest, but it marks the beginning of my journey. I made this bento almost 3 years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter. I didn't have many tools to work with. And my mom sent me the box in the mail and I have no idea from where.
Many of my Facebook friends have been watching me through my adventures in bento. Don't worry, it gets better. Lol! But I hope you get some ideas.