Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Planner Makeover PLUS Another Dollar Tree FiloHack: Mini Clothespin Bookmarks

Hi there, Friends!

So I was brainstorming this afternoon and I was thinking that maybe I could take my Day Runner's customization up a notch. If you remember from my post, At Last! My Planner is Here!!!, my Mommy Dearest sent me a Day Runner in some Happy Mail. You may also have seen from my DIY Dividers post, DIY Planner Tabbed Dividers How-To, that I had some scrap card stock left from making my own tabbed dividers from large binder dividers. Since the cover to my planner is mostly clear and the original design can be pulled right out, I went ahead and just replaced front and back with measured and cut scraps of card stock. 

Here you can kinda see how it tuned out.

I loved the pop of the magenta and the denim. But it still seemed too plain to me. So I flipped through my scrap book stickers once again.

I'm quite pleased that I've got somewhat of a theme going on inside and outside of my planner right now.

Just a few scrap book stickers and some washi tape. I was thinking of doing this quite often. It would be like getting a new planner each time!

I love the colors and how it's so Spring Timey

These Definition Stickers are wonderful! Awesome way to open up a planner, Believing when you open it and Wishing when you close it. That's so unintentionally deep. Maybe it should be the other way around? I could switch the covers ^_^

Later on, I remembered that I had saved a few baby shower party favor embellishments from a handy-me down diaper cake. A friend of a friend had never really used the diapers from her diaper cake and sent a bunch of baby things my way because I'm expecting I wasn't going to say no to free diapers. Even if I did have to remove all the rubber bands, glued ribbon, and embellishments. But being a crafter, I of course kept all these things as well. LOL!!!

Anyway, I had stowed those away and pulled them out today because I remembered seeing something very cute on Pinterest. Washi Taped Clothespins. They were full sided but super adorable. My brain exploded and I went to work before I lost the thought. It was so easy though! I only had a few but that's all I really need. So I went to work.

And this is what I got. I color coordinated them. The pink actually has little white dashes down it. But now I've got tiny, adorable bookmarks!!!

They don't really work at the top of my planner because it zips. But they work on the side or if I don't zip the top.

I flipped them over and decorated the other sides with different, but still coordinating, washi tape so that I could go for a different look when I wante/ needed.

These little things make me so happy. I know for sure that you can get at least pink and blue clothespins from Dollar Tree (which also sells two of the washi tapes seen here and then some) in the party section for baby shower stuff. I know I have some wooden clothes pins around here somewhere that are about this size as well.

Hope you got some ideas from this. I love to share my filoHACKs in the hopes that you can pinch a penny without sacrificing the cuteness. Stay inspired, friends and HAPPY PLANNING!!!


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