Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bento-a-Day Easter Edition: Day 1 and 2

Hi There!

Doing a few things at once here: Updating the blog, doing my nails, filling in my planner, watching Fish Hooks... don't judge me. Anyway, I have decided to try and do a bento a day for the kids in honor of Easter. This is kind of an event for me because I don't always get to prepare a bento everyday for them. But I'm really going to just get off my butt and do this. So far, the week is going pretty well.

I'd been seeing a lot of Bunny Butts all over Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook so I can't take credit for this idea. But I did try my hand at it. I like how it turned out and my IG friends seemed to enjoy it as well. Bubba actually ate this sandwich, which is a victory for me because he's only just started like sandwiches.

I gave M a "Chocolate Bunny" for her lunch. Nutella topped jelly Sammie. Both kids annihilated their lunches. Pat on the back for this momma!

I'm including tomorrow (or today's) bento here as well because I prepacked them and they won't look quite the same after closing up the Easylunchboxes. M's got a check-up in the afternoon so I'm bringing a lunch with us for our day out in town. We're going to be doing a lot more than just visiting the Dr. so I try and pack full lunches for the kids on days in town. Snacks, food, and drinks are powerful tantrum and baby meltdown tools. I don't think people realize that the main reason why children act up in pubic is because they're either, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, have gone/need to potty, or some combination of them all. Sometimes we get unlucky and it's all of the above. 

Because room service isn't available at all places and at all times when you're out with a child, it's important to carry some essentials either with you, or in the car. I keep snacks, juice, water, extra clothes, wipes, and a blanket or sweater that can also double as a pillow if they need to crash in the shopping cart. I absolutely refuse to leave a sleeping child in a vehicle for any amount of time. Will not do it. NOPE.

Annnnyway, M will be running errands with Mommy and Daddy while T gets to stay home with Grandma. I packed him a lunch as well just to leave less guesswork for Grandma. All she has to do is pop open the bento and T can have at it.

M gets a CuteZcute Panda in Bunny Costume. The yellow chick is filled with Lemon Head Juju Flowers. I went for finger foods that didn't require a spoon. I initially was going to pack applesauce, but if we fed her in the moving car, it would have been a bad idea.

T gets a CuteZcute Piggy in Bunny Costume. Both sandwiches are strawberry jelly. I haven't really been doing savory sandwiches lately because I wanted T to get used to the idea of a sandwich. I think I'll add some deli meat to my shopping list and move on to turkey and cheese since he's been doing so well with his Sammies ^_^

So there's the last couple of days worth of bentos. I will be sure to post the rest of the week. More Easter/ Spring Themes to come! Stay inspired, everyone!



  1. wow! I love all of them. heck, I love bunnies! hehehehh the chocolate covered ones look so tempting! nom nom :P

    1. Bunnies are very nice! I love using them in bento even when it's NOT Easter. Haha!


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