Saturday, April 5, 2014

Holiday Themed Bento

Hello again, Friends!
Well here's a post that includes a few recent lunches. I tried to arrange them in my Slideshow so that the most recent roll first. I've only done a couple Easter/ Springtime bentos recently. But I shall be doing more as the holiday draws nearer. I hope you enjoy the other holiday themes as well. I even included my "Talk Like a Pirate Day" themed lunches.

I'm almost done posting the older stuff. I'm hoping to get back in the throw of things. I'm pretty sure I'm going through a hardcore nesting phase. For those of you who don't know, we're expecting baby #3 and I'm nearing the end of the pregnancy. So the house is being gutted out, cleaned, tidied, and otherwise reshaped. And when I'm not methodically cleaning away, I'm eating. Or I'm working on the blog and my other obsessions that fill the blog. I want to get all caught up so that I can start posting new stuff like new bento pics, the latest in our dollhouse endeavors, my planner progress, and of course, new baby updates!!!
Hope you were inspired, though. Take care!

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