Sunday, September 1, 2013

How about just a pic gallery post?

So... Going through all my posts, I realized... I've really... REALLY fallen behind. So, I decided to just catch y'all up in one big picture post. Feel free to ask questions about any lunch since I won't be posting any descriptions... Sorry. Yeah I'm really that lazy right now.
Anyway! Enjoy and stay inspired! Be posting soon!

These Little Piggies

K, so these, I have to say, were inspired by a new, and very creative friend of mine on Instagram. She doesn't blog just yet, but I do adore seeing the meals she posts on her profile! My kids like them too!
T actually picked this theme out from seeing her pics and was very excited when I asked him if he'd like a lunch like that. M appreciated his choice as well! This is another jam sandwich bento, btw.
I used the CuteZcute cutter set for M's, but used a circular cookie cutter for T's; as he's still eating smaller bites (not necessarily eating less, however). This is where I derived inspiration from my friend. The piggy snouts and ears were done with hot dog just like hers' were.
Underneath the pink silicone piggy cup in M's box is a surprise of gummy and marshmallow flowers. T has the same surprise in the pink plastic piggy.
I'm loving the hat accessories from BentoUSA! And I noticed that the little ball caps have Ts on them! It's a completely unintended but serendipitous phenomenon! I'm happy with it! Lol!
I admit, this is quite a lot of food for the kids. I do usually fix more than less because I want them to try things at least once. I'm lucky that my kids love veggies so I don't worry much about that. I want them to learn to explore different flavors and to find good as exciting as I do! An adventure on a plate, right? Or in a box...
Anyhow... Hope you're hungry now and, as always, inspired! Be posting soon!
Aggy ^_^

Elephant Themed Bento

Just as it says, Elephants. Lots of elephants. Not much more to say about these. I made them a week ago. I'd forgotten to add the hot dog flowers. But I managed a snap of M's after I added them. And, you can see, she'd already removed the adornment to later stash in her desk... Kids huh?
Well, hope you were inspired! Be posting soon!

Tiny Faces Bento Lunches

I know. I know! I've been idle for a bit. Just haven't found the motivation to do much posting outside of Instagram Lol! Can follow me there btw: @crimsonpixi . We've been in the process of potty training M. So that's taken most my focus. We're making quite a bit of progress, if you'd like to know. Hope I didn't put you off your interest in these bentos... Sorry. Haha!
Back to bento! I did these the other day. Earlier in the week, I discovered that M prefers her sandwiches sweet over savory. And she especially prefers the drier, brown wheat bread with jam. So, the last couple of bentos that I've made for the kids have been featuring jam sandwiches. T still has not wrapped his head around the sandwich concept. I'm not too worried as it took M a while too.
Insistently, T isn't feeling well. He's got a little head cold. My kids always get sick on the weekend. But, we've got a check-up scheduled for both kids during the week so if he hasn't kicked this funk by then, he'll get seen soon.
I digress again. So here's the food, what you came for. We've got happy faces. I get most my ideas from Pinterest so that's where I leave my credit for this one. Took bits and pieces from other bento to bring these together. I'm quite proud of them.
More bento from last month to come. And I do apologize for the long delay. Hope you're still hungry and inspired! Be posting soon!
Aggy ^_^