Saturday, April 5, 2014

Doll Craft Beginnings

Hello, My Friends
Let me welcome you to the first ever Dollhouse/Doll Craft/All things Doll post. I have mentioned in my About Me page that I've taken up dollhouse crafting. So here's a picture log of what's been going on. I'll keep it brief and let the pics do the talking for the most part.
Meet Bigfoot Barbie. Sorry about the blurry pic.This was Daughter's very first ever Barbie doll. Daddy bought this for her because she was begging for one. At the time, it was a surprise because I had yet to expose her to much in regards to fashion dolls. She was actually much more into dinosaurs and things. Anyway, daddy went and bought this Teresa doll. She's from the Beach Party Collection. I have to tell you, this is all she came with. Oh there was a visor. Sorry. But that's it. She's a very pretty doll, but I thought the lack of clothing was a bit inappropriate for a not-yet-three-year-old. Because it was so late and it's a long drive back to town where I might find Barbie clothes, I fashioned her some covering using an old lonely mitten. Thus, begins our doll crafting story...

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! She is named Big Foot Barbie (changed from Barefoot Barbie) because the Beach Party line of dolls all have very large, very flat, and very un-shoe-able feet... (not shown above). Cue an alternate reason for taking up the doll crafts. There are very little shoes to be found for these dolls...

So here is what I've created so far. And along the way, we have collected quite a few more Barbie and Barbie-esque dolls.

I should add that all of these crafts were made while I was visiting my family. I was very blessed to take up this hobby there as I had more access to places to get materials and such. Plus my big family supplied daughter with quite a collection boost when her birthday rolled in.
I cannot take credit for many of the ideas here. I got 99% of my inspiration from people online via YouTube tutorials. Most of them from My Froggy Stuff and her YouTube channel. She's a crafing genius and I would be absolutely lost without her! I have tweaked many of her techniques but that's what makes her stuff special. No matter how much she teaches you, you stuff is always fabulously your own.
Ok that's me almost done with all the updates. Stay tuned for many more doll related posts as Daughter still isn't over this phase. She constantly bugs me about making new things. These crafts are taking a seat on the back burner for now. Hope you were inspired!

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