Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fresher, Easier, and Healthier Bentos in our Easylunchboxes

Hi there!

Back into the bento mood! But if you remember, last week I did a bento a day in honor of Easter. So lots of bunnies, and lots for cuteness, AND lots and LOTS of sugar. I figured the kids could use a nice, fresh, and cleansing lunch to help us all get back into a healthier mindset. 

So I went with hummus, fresh veggies, berries, grilled chicken, and pepperoni. Their sweet treat was greek yogurt covered granola balls. I love the colors! 

So there you have it. Simple, Quick, and oh so Wholesome! I just love the fill in the blank method. That's why most of my lunches for the kids are in Easylunchboxes. Add some cups and just fill. My kids don't really like the whole mixing food thing so this is perfect for them.

So hope you were inspired! Have a great day!


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