Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Planner Pages: This Week's Getting Full

 Hey, All!!!

Just thought I'd share a few snaps of this week's pages. If you remember from my post, My Planner This Week, Next Week, and Some Fun Finds, I has some blank areas in some of my days. Well those filled in quickly and I realized I had to add some Lists and Reminders. So I broke out my Hello Kitty notepads, glued them back to back on an index card, punched, and inserted. I will be able to use this new little insert several times for different weeks because I just slapped some sticky notes on each side. I love my brain sometimes. Anyway, here's how much my week has filled out so far.

I washi taped a cute Eastery Hello Kitty graphic from off the packaging that came on the packaging of the notepad set. That was the only hint that this was an Easter set which I like because I can use everything in the set over and over.

I really love the colors for this week. It's pretty girly and a little cluttered, but that's kinda the way my head works. I call it Systematic Clutter. I'm sure I inherited this from my dad...

I realized that some of the packaging for the stationery I'm accumulating is actually very cute and pretty sturdy. Sturdy enough to turn into awesome inserts and additions to my planner. Here I took the card stock that came with one of my Notepads, cut it to size, wash taped the top and right side, added a sicker, and voi la! Pocket.

Now it holds my new custom bookmarks!

And remember those dividers I made in my DIY tutorial, DIY Planner Tabbed Dividers How-To? Well those got a little update when I used the non-pocket sides to hold some sticky tabs and notes. 

These all came in the same set, stuck on the same piece of cardstock. I just carefully tore them apart, and washi taped them to the pockets.

The pocket sides didn't go untouched either. Just added some scrapbook stickers

I'm really getting into all this. And I'm glad to have something to keep my mind so active. My kids development and nurturing is great for my soul, I just needed something that stimulated my mind. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the little tweaks I made so far. You can bet there will be more before the week is done. And I shall share more soon. Stay inspired, friends!


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