Friday, April 4, 2014

Trying to Catch Up

Hey all!

I know I've been neglecting my page. I'm trying to catch up. Just know that I've got quite a few drafts pending and they'll be up very soon. I hope the knowledge of multiple recent posts is incentive enough to get you to come back haha! As you may know, I like to mainly keep my posts filled with lovely pictures so you don't have to do excessive reading. Well this post is all reading.

I do apologize. My laptop had been out of commission for a good long while before I was able to get it fixed. I had to wait til I went to visit my folks to have it sent out as I live too far away from a Best Buy for it to be practical to drive to and froe. That's another reason for my neglected blog: I've been visiting my family. I packed up the kids and had a nice long stay. It was lovely and therapeutic. I don't get to visit family but once a year and I missed my mommy.

Soon to be added to the collection of pictures is snaps of my many adventures in doll crafts. As I have explained in an my About Me page, I've taken up the hobby more out of necessity. And I will also be elaborating on that in a future post for any of you who are curious. I do warn, I don't have the best dexterity or finesse so I doubt I'll be including how-tos unless there's a ton of requests to do so.

I am however going to be sharing some simple stationery shortcuts that I've either discovered for myself or have borrowed from others on the web. I am very passionate about sharing frugality LOL! My about me also includes the reason for that obsession. But I'm hoping that these new passions will only bring more traffic into my little blog so that I may inspire others.

So that's it for now. I'm hoping to have caught up on my pic sharing very soon. Please bare with me. And as always, stay inspired!!!


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