Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 4 of Bento-A-Day Easter Edition: Bunny Onigiri!!!

 Hey, All!

Still keeping up with the Plan! I took this idea from one of my previous bentos! I ran out of bread so no sammies. But that doesn't stop this momma! I rarely get to do much detail work for the kids' bentos so I tend to stick with sandwiches and quick meals. But I had an itch to get artistic with this one.

I actually took an old idea and redid it to include bunnies. I did a Sleepy Baby Pandas bento a while back that went to inspiring these because I wanted to make onigiri. 

Here was T's lunch. He got, Apple rabbit slices, blackberries, strawberry, cucumber, turkey meat, broccoli and Baby Bunny Onigiri. I went ahead and made the fillings for these kind of different as each kid prefers different veggies.

M has sweet stap peas, Baby Bunny Onigiri, broccoli, turkey, Apple Bunnies, black berries, strawberry, turkey meat, and celery. 

I managed to get an "Aw! Those baby bunnies are cute, mommy" from M so I'm happy. Hope you're happy too. Stay inspired, my friends!

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