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I'm not sure why I wanted to add this page. I rarely know what to put in these things. The main purpose of this blog, I suppose, is for me to have a place to dump all the pics of all the hobbies I've taken up since I became a mommy. But I guess I can talk a little more about my passions.

My kids always come first. That fact alone is the primary reason why I have taken up these obsessions. I developed an interest in Bento while I was pregnant with my oldest. Now with number 3 on the way, it's become a part of everyday life for us. I'm hoping that continues on til they're in school, when I'll really need the skills.

Kid 1 is also the reason why I've taken on a new obsession: Dollhouse and Doll Crafting. Just before she turned 3, daughter decided she was very much into all things Barbie, Barbie-esque, and Barbie sized.  Because we're far from being rich but I'm an avid believer in nurturing imagination, creativity, and pretend play, I developed the necessity to take up DIY dollhouse and doll accessory tasks. I hope to share my progress in that aspect with you here as well.

The almost new obsession is actually just a rekindled obsession really. In it's simplest form, it's keeping a planner. But I guess it's a thing for many people to "BLING" their planner, if you would. I used to keep a smashbooky kind of planner back in high school and even in college. I just didn't know it was a thing. Because daughter will be in school soon and I can expect much more activities to crop up, and because I'll need to develop a meal system and such, I am in the process of starting up Filofaxing. Like I said, it's a thing, if you're not familiar with it. Haha! I will actually be "FAUXlofaxing" (yeah I invented that word I think. So what.) I can't afford my own Filofax yet. But that doesn't mean I can't pimp my Day Runner and make it cute, right? So be prepared to see that in action here soon.

*Sigh* Well that's all I've got for now. Hope you enjoy what you see. FYI I try and keep the pics a plenty and the words a minimum. Hope that doesn't bother anyone. Let me know if you'd like more. I don't mind going into detail. I just don't want to trail off LOL! I'm so open to suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism. So please feel free to send it. I'm a big girl. I can take it. Okay, have fun then!


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