Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Catching Up: Taco Lunches

Made these the other day in our Easylunchboxes. We had had crunchy tacos for dinner the night before so here's a spruced up leftovers bento for y'all.
While the kids get their taco toppings separately, Mommy's got a delectable taco salad. And nothing like homemade CuteZcute tortilla chips to add some fun to a rich meal. I love my extra crispy panda too! The color makes him so cute! I've even got crunchy Tiny Bits (the small punched out parts left by the CuteZcute cutters) tossed into my salad to give it a yummy crunch. Oh I recommend this so much!
Hope you're hungry now AND inspired! Be posting again soon!


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