Sunday, September 1, 2013

These Little Piggies

K, so these, I have to say, were inspired by a new, and very creative friend of mine on Instagram. She doesn't blog just yet, but I do adore seeing the meals she posts on her profile! My kids like them too!
T actually picked this theme out from seeing her pics and was very excited when I asked him if he'd like a lunch like that. M appreciated his choice as well! This is another jam sandwich bento, btw.
I used the CuteZcute cutter set for M's, but used a circular cookie cutter for T's; as he's still eating smaller bites (not necessarily eating less, however). This is where I derived inspiration from my friend. The piggy snouts and ears were done with hot dog just like hers' were.
Underneath the pink silicone piggy cup in M's box is a surprise of gummy and marshmallow flowers. T has the same surprise in the pink plastic piggy.
I'm loving the hat accessories from BentoUSA! And I noticed that the little ball caps have Ts on them! It's a completely unintended but serendipitous phenomenon! I'm happy with it! Lol!
I admit, this is quite a lot of food for the kids. I do usually fix more than less because I want them to try things at least once. I'm lucky that my kids love veggies so I don't worry much about that. I want them to learn to explore different flavors and to find good as exciting as I do! An adventure on a plate, right? Or in a box...
Anyhow... Hope you're hungry now and, as always, inspired! Be posting soon!
Aggy ^_^

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