Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fairly Recent Bento

I don't just bento for going out. I usually just prepare a cute lunch for my kids at home for being home. My daughter gets so excited when she sees me at work, and often sneakily steals some stray morsel that I've left unwatched for 3 seconds. I don't mind such attention as it builds her anticipation for her food and she's usually so excited by the time I serve her, that she's shouting, "Woohoo! Food! Thank you! Thank you, Mommy!" I'll beg for this kind of adulation in about 10 years so I bask in it Haha!
Anyway so here we are. Our lunches. They're packed in Easylunchboxes containers. These particular boxes were purchased from All things for  They can also be bought directly from the company website, or from Amazon. I have to say that they are my favorite bento containers right now. Very handy. Other posts will show my love for them.
Anyhoo, hope you get some inspiration! At least, I hope you're hungry Haha! Be posting soon!

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