Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today's Lunch: Chicken Fajita Wrap

I told you, you'd see more posts of my Easylunchboxes! Haha!
Here, we've got a JalapeƱo cheddar tortilla that I laid out, spread with Greek yogurt, and sprinkled with a little salt and pepper. Then I proceeded to evenly layer some Mexican blend shredded cheese over the yogurt. Over that, I neatly arranged fresh spinach leaves so uh at they covered the cheese completely.
And right down the center, I lined up my chicken fajitas. They're out a package and fully cooked (sorry for those of you who only go organic and stuff). I'm sure this is amazing with homemade as well. I do make homemade fajitas BTW. That's for another post.
Anyway, after the chicken, it's fold, tuck, fold, then slice. I think I'll elaborate on that in another post as well.... Haha! Oh the posts to be had!
So with that you can see some snap peas, a baby bell, some blueberries under a couple of strawberries. Under the wrap is a paper cupcake liner that I spread out for added color. It also works to absorb grease if there is any.
This was a very yummy lunch and frankly my son seemed a wee bit jealous. He and his sister pretty much had a simplified version of this PLUS and added mini cinnamon roll! Go figure. Daughter came and stole my blueberries anyway... Le sigh.
Well hope you were inspired! Be posting soon!

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