Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Hi, Lovelies!

Ughhhhh!!!! Yeah I know, it's too long between posts! Can you believe I was sick for over 2 WEEKS last month??? Yeah I came down with some really gnarly Strep Throat. Gross. Anyway, now that that's all finished, it's been a chore and a half trying to get back in the spin of things. But, as you all know, being a mommy means ZERO vacations!!!

The shop has been slow. You can show your fiscal support here Haha! I did finally get my March Kawaii Planner Kits for March shipped! I'm so excited to be doing monthly subscription kits! I love personalizing and putting together planner bundles! You can subscribe for your kits starting this month (April) here.

Here's a peak at what's in store for April's Kawaii Planner Kits! All subscribers get added handmade and personalized goodies along with added perks like additional Instagram giveaway entries, and exclusive subscriber raffle entries.

What's new? Well my Dark Mint Planners from Kikki.k came in! I'm soooo in love with them!

You can say that I'm a Kikki.k fan. I love the designs and the ring size! The Large is my first A5 in the Kikki.k and I'm just so enamored with it! To answer your question, I am using the Large as my blog planner and the Medium as my "purse" planner. I'll post a more in-depth set-up post at a later time. I'm still perfecting my systerm since I use multiple planners for various things.

But just for fun, here's a little flip through of my Large Dark Mint ^_^

It's safe to say that I got my inspiration for the decoration from the How to Customise your Dark Mint kikki.K Planner Video. I did add my own personal twist to it. Don't those videos just make your tummy all warm and fuzzy for all things stationery? Me too!

Also new to my "book shelf" is this amazing Journaling Bible. I ordered it from Amazon to help boost my Spritual walk with the Lord. It's sooo cute. You can find it here

The pages are a pretty creme color and the margins are lined. That's good for me because I like things nice and straight. I won't be using the lines for writing as much as as guides for placing stickers or lettering. And the text is in British English. So if you're not into the UK spelling of things, this Bible is not for you. The text is also quite small. I don't mind in the slightest because this keeps the bible pretty compact. Oh yeah, it's kinda small. Which I LOVE. I have a very limited amount of storage space in my tiny little bedroom (which is my workspace) so I prefer things to be compact. My one qualm is that the cover is fabric. I actually love that it is, but I don't love that I have a hard time keeping things clean. So it's more like a negaticve note for ME lol!

I Still haven't done any journaling in it yet. I've got a verse I want to center my first spead around, I just want to have the time and inspiration to do it. But it will be soon! And I'll have a post for you when it happens ;)

We had a lovely and simple Easter Sunday. It was just us and my sister-in-law's small family. We hunted for eggs and had a simple Ham dinner. It was so nice and relatively stress-free. And who doesn't appreciate that, right? So here's a little family update pic for y'all wondering how the kids are looking these days.

Sorry for the pic quality, I didn't get a chance to do much editing before I decided to post this in the dead of night. From left to right: Cousin, M, G, and T. Yeah I know, T's hair is looking pretty shaggy. But he won't let us cut it. He insists he looks like a dinosaur (rawr rawr to him). 

Well that's all for now. If you've got any questions, requests, or general comments, I'm all ears (or eyes....? Haha!). I'd love to hear from you! Stay inspired!

<3 Aggy ^_^

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