Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Project Planning Notebook

Hey all!
Been meaning to post this a while ago! So I needed a project planning journal/ notebook/ planner. I thought of using another binder style planner. I even considered an ARC system. But nothing was really settling well with me. I was actually getting quite depressed over it. I had used a composition book for a while before but that wasn't working for me. Not sure why. Maybe because it was ruled?  Who knows.
Well Sam from the shop Happie Scrappie on Big Cartel recently released a fauxdori planner kit. I've been a Personal size subscriber for a few months now and always enjoy her kits! And she has started designing her own printed items! Note pads, stickers, and even Filofax style and fauxdori inserts! Sweet, huh? I upgraded from the Personal to the fauxdori kits because I wanted to try the inserts out. At the time, I didn't have a regular size Traveler's Notebook but I knew I could make due.
I had recently turned a journal cover into a TN and tried using that. It wasn't bad and held the Happiescrappie insert and a couple others I made myself. I don't have a pic right now but I'll do another post on that later. I'm not using it anymore.
The reason for it is because I received a gorgeous, gently used Midori from a lovely friend! She also sent me a Day Timer Malibu. Again, another post. Anyway, the Midori is now my project planner/ brainstorming journal! Yay!
The Happiescrappie inserts are fabulous! The papet quality is amazing and I'm just so happy! Ok now for pics! Enjoy!
Stay inspired!
Aggy ^_^
Also features here are the Plan It set of Studio L2e Stamps. ^_^

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