Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Struggle!

Baby, Blog, and Breathe


So it's been ages since I wrote an actual blog post and I do apologize. Between raising the 3 little ones, maintaining an online shop, and trying to stay alive while doing it all, it's pretty hard to find time to try and just type a few paragraphs! I dunno how y'all super moms do it! Let's just hope things ease up a little when M starts school this year. *knock on wood*

So let's see what all I've NOT been doing first. Well Blogging is a given. I've also not been doing daily Bentos for the kids. They eat, trust me, they just don't get the cute stuff as often. I dropped the ball there. I've also not been doing much Doll Crafts. I'd really love to, I just don't 1) have the space since my brother-in-law moved back in and 2) have time since I'm constantly juggling with the kids and my shop. One other thing I've been neglecting is my kids' scrapbooks! I have been dreaming of starting to do Project Life style Scrapbooking but time and space is a big factor in my lack of motivation.

BUUUUT I have accomplished some things in the time that I've been dormant on the blog. One very important feat is keeping the children ALIVE!!! Am I right? Hey it's not as easy as you think when you've got 3 kids under 5 bent and determined to try the opposite!!! Climbing on, grabbing, and jumping off of things!!! And for those of you veteran moms out there who have battled this and come out on top with your own (mostly intact) youngins, KUDOSSSS!!!! I think mine would love for my hair to turn grey before I'm 30.

Some smaller, less impressive accomplishments have been: Reaching over 2k in followers on Instagram @theinsmomniac, upgrading my collection of planners, tiny success of my shop, meeting tons of lovely people online, gaining several penpals. I think each of those deserve their own blog posts so I'll jot the list down so I can remember to post about each subject. For now, please feel free to leave me any feedback. I'd love to hear any suggestions for posts.

Blogging GOALS:
- Start YouTube Posts
- Post More Bento Pics
- Write more Refection Posts
- Start posting tutorials

I'm hoping to post another update tomorrow so stay tuned! Stay inspired, y'all!

<3 Aggy

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