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Planner Setup: How I'm currently using my planners, binders, and journals.

Hi, Pretty People!

As promised, and without further ado, here's my Planner Setup post! There are loads of pics so have fun! I'll try to keep the descriptions short, yet clear. Just bask in all the planner/ stationery goodness!

Let's Start with my "at Home" Planner which is my Erin Condren Life Planner. I actually got this planner as a swap, believe it or not. It came brand new and I'm soooo in love with it. And y'all know how much of a binder planner lover I am. This planner stays at home. It is also where I've been doing the bulk of my decorating. As you can see, there is a lot to have fun with in this planner. Anyway, pics!

I made this chevron cover from a gift bag, but I'm still looking for a better design.

This dashboard WAS my cover but I like it best as a dash.

I made this dash/pocket as well. I followed a YouTube video so I can't really take credit for it.

I don't really keep too much in the zip pocket. But I do like to keep a pencil and a pen in it for quick jotting.

Ok so yeah I said there would be a lot of pics! Moving on to my take-along or "purse" planner; You get to see my Dark Mint Kikki.k in Medium size! You don't even know how much I love this thing. It's pretty straight forward. I don't do a lot of decorating in here just because of  time. I do however, keep lots of paperclips. I'm addicted to paperclips! Haha!

Just a flip through.

Another very important planner for me is my shop planner. For the shop, I use my trusty Day Runner which I have revamped. For those of you you have read and seen my previous posts, you'll see the difference. Anyway, this is probable the least neat of my planners because of how it gets used. I love this planner and how it has withstood the test of time and of my very non-delicate touch for over a year!

 I like do DIY a lot of my stuff so all of the pockets I've either made myself or have altered and adapted from other things. And I NEED pockets in this planner.

The next planner I'd like to share is my Large Dark Mint Kikki.k planner! I use this planner to plan and track my blog posts. It's a great size and it's soooo gorgeous! I'm currently using Cocoa Daisy Blog Planner inserts. These came free with subscription to their newsletter. I had to tweak them to fit the A5 perfectly since the download is for letter size. Hope you can see what's going on here.

Just a quick cover page I made for the monthly pages.

I'm a fan of Cocoa Daisy! I also like that they're undated because these were for last year!

The weekly blog planner pages are so neat. I don't fill it all up but it does help me track what I'm posting and when.

I've adapted the Kikki.k pages to take notes, plan posts, and to keep track of blogable content.

And then there's blank notepaper in the back. Hahaha!

Up next is my Hot Pink Personal Planner. Please excuse the stain in the front. It's the result of toddlers getting a hold of my things and me trying to clean it up. Sad face. Anyway, I use this planner as a Pen Pal tracker. I only have a handful of pen pals but I do like to keep track of their addresses, their interests, and what I've sent and received. One of my friends on Instagram (and actually one of my pen pals) asked me to design these inserts for her and now they're an integral part of my happy mail process!

I really enjoy this planner, even though it's a little worn now. The color still makes me smile and I love being able to track and note the letters I've sent.

I use a separate binder/planner to track my swaps and RAKs. Yes, I need a planner to do so. Sometimes I swap more than once with the same people and sometimes I recieve a RAK that I would like to note and send something back. To do so, I use this A5 size album, It only has 2 rings which is actually quite convenient and the inserts are adapted from a couple of A5 size kawaii notebooks. I really have no idea what they were originally used for. I hope you can make out my system.

This is where I keep the addresses of those people that I swap with often.

Here, I organize, document, and track my swaps. I even rate them. It's helpful for me so I can always remember who to give credit to when I receive my goodies and also to know if I'd like to organize more swaps!

Clean inserts I even laminated the covers for the notebooks to use as dashboards because I couldn't stand not using all that kawaii!

Got this awesome bear pen loop from a Happie Scrappie Planner Kit! Check out her shop. SOOOOO worth it.

These inserts I'm saving for tracking RAKs (random acts of kindness) to send.

Love these inserts and I'm thinking of starting to print pics of the items I send and receive to paste into the inserts in this binder.

Please take this time to stretch and rotate your neck or whatever you need to do. Still not done. Told you!!! ^_^

Here's just a quick look at my Personal size Willow Filofax. I've currently set it up as my Bible study/ devotional journal. I wanted to have a companion notebook for my new Journaling Bible. I haven't started using this planner for this reason yet. But I'm very excited to do so soon. 

The dividers are just filled with notepaper right now. It's all I need for this Filofax. I got this idea from yet another YouTube video. So I can't take the credit for this idea either.

Man this was a major time investment, huh? Ok, still with me? Haha! Next up, is my Hobonichi Techo 2015. I'm using it as my art journal so how about just let the pics speak for themselves.

I should have mentioned this earlier in my post because this next notebook is actually really important. I mean, my fauxdori. I use this Standard size Traveler's Notebook as my braindump. It's sooooo handy. I usully keep this in my wallet when I go out and keep it by the bed when I sleep. I jot down random thoughts, ideas, and basically just all the randomness that pops into my head that I want to make sure to remember. This info then gets sorted into one of my many notebooks or planners! I ordered this fauxdori off of one of the wholesale sites that I use to order merchandise for my shop. I want to upgrade to a Midori eventually. But I just love this color soooo much I can't justify spending the money when I like this one so much. I guess an actuallu MTN would hold more inserts.

Next is my Hobonichi Weeks. I had a little trouble committing to this planner as my on-the-go planner. I'm just too fond of rings. But I love the paper that's in the Hobonichi planners so I felt it was a waste to leave it unused. So, having gotten some inspiration from Sam at Happie Scrappie and HER set up blog post, I decided to use it as a swatch book or a sample book. I will add washi samples when I can find the time. I have soooo much washi tape. But so far, I use it to keep track of pens mostly. I recently used it to test out some brush pens as well. I'll have to organize it a bit. Or I may change my mind about it and use it for some other purpose. For now, it's my swatch tracker. 

Lastly, I'd like to share this little traveler's notebook that I made from a passport case/wallet. It's small and holds a few mini notebooks. This is kinda like my doodle pad. It's like the artsy version of my brain dump. I use it to draw out or practice drawing or lettering techniques. I also write down quotes and saying that I run across when I'm browsing Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or some other pages on my phone. I love it because it's small and cute and it's handy.

Well, there you have it! That's a look at my notebooks! What you have NOT seen is my Red Pocket Patent Filofax that I use as my wallet. That should be pretty straight forward. Hope you enjoyed the look into my crazy planner addiction/ obsession. I do like to use all my planners. I know lots of people just collect them and keep them empty. I can't do that. I believe a happy planner is a stuffed one. I just love to open them all up and look at the pockets and flip through the dividers (most of which I made myself) and just smile at them, knowing that they're being put to good use. Have a wonderful week, happy planning, thanks for reading, and as always, stay inspired!

<3 Aggy ^_^

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